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Funny, Ha Ha: Humor in Poetry

Funny, Ha Ha: Humor in Poetry


W.H. Auden once remarked, "A sense of humor develops in a society to the degree that its members are simultaneously conscious of being each a unique person and of being all in common subjection to unalterable laws." In this workshop, we'll embrace both our uniqueness and our common subjection and treat humor as the Swiss Army knife of rhetorical devices: one that can create surprise, generate connection, present a fresh perspective and position ordinary observations in unordinary ways. Steering clear of so-called light verse, this workshop will take an in-depth look at the role humor can play in “serious” poetry. We’ll take a look at the work of Kenneth Koch, Sarah Gambito, Tommy Pico, Danez Smith, Patricia Lockwood, Ilya Kaminsky, Morgan Parker and many more as we explore the way humor works in our own poems.

Workshop Details

  • Professor: Laura Eve Engel
  • Dates: September 22–October 20, 2019
  • Time: Sundays, 3-6 PM
  • Location: Sunset Park
  • Cost: $345
  • Class size: 5–10 students
  • Registration deadline: SUN, SEPTEMBER 15, 2019
  • Earlybird discount: $15 off by SUN, SEPT 8