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Swan Feast

Swan Feast


Eilbert's lush, dense debut collection records a woman's journey to take back sovereignty over her body from the anorexia that has swallowed it. The multiple voices swirl like a collision of hot and cold fronts; they contradict themselves and combat each other in the way that one's own mind operates in seeking a singular voice of reason to follow. Eilbert's array of referents can be dizzying, but her intoxicating language is sure to keep readers under her spell. -PUBLISHERS WEEKLY

Swan Feast is an appropriately enigmatic title for a book in which everything-rage, joy, grief, fear, pain, hope-will happen to you, and more than once, and in more than one way. This gamut of intense emotion is probed by the speaker in relation to two implicit, guiding questions: What is beauty? and What is hunger? Everything happens in this book. Let it happen to you. -THE RUMPUS

Trust us on this one: You want to remember Natalie Eilbert's name. -TIME OUT NEW YORK